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Search for Kyron Horman Still Desperate, Infrared Scans Not Finding Him


Investigators say not a trace of Kyron Horman has turned up, even with hundreds of people searching. Nearly two days after the 7 year old is believed to have gone missing from Skyline Elementary School in rural Northwest Portland, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to the smiling second grader after he was last seen here Friday morning.

An entire night and full day has passed since 8:45 a.m. Friday morning when Kyron's step mom says she last saw the boy after taking him through a science fair at school and sent him off to class. His teachers say he never checked in.

If investigators do have solid information giving them any idea where he might be they're not saying: "The information we're keeping from the public and press has everything to do with integrity of investigation," said a search spokesperson.

Now searchers look through tall grass, from the air and on foot, for any sign of the little boy. The FBI has now joined the search, as has the National Guard. Using an infrared system, heat detection and a search pattern grid to not miss an inch, searchers have completely searched an area of about two miles surrounding the school.

We were given an inside look at Kyron's classroom here at Skyline Elementary. Inside Ms. Porter's second- and third-grade blended class we saw a glimpse into who this 7-year-old boy is: Kyron liked art and we're told the second grader is very good at it. Kyron wrote about splashing in a lake, with artwork to compliment his writing assignment. We also saw his science fair project, which was about red tree frogs.

"We're asking people who live in the area to do an exhaustive, no-stone-unturned search of their property," said Captain Jason Gates at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. They are being asked to search everything, including "their outbuildings, cars and trucks."

Gates said they have enough professionals for the search. Even so, one of Kyron's neighbors has put up missing fliers, hoping the photo will help remind people what Kyron looks like.

Meantime, classmates and their parents as well as complete strangers worry and try to help. The father of one Skyline Elementary School student, 5-year-old Pierce Sherpa, said his son couldn't sit home any longer: "He heard the news last night and he said this morning 'Let's go. We gotta go, gotta go find this little boy.'" 

He, like others around the search perimeter, hope the little boy is OK.

Investigators said the family is cooperating in the case: "Our point is don't lose hope." We asked a spokesperson for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office about the step mother's whereabouts and what she knows. Deputies said they can't comment, as it is part of the investigation.

The search for Kyron will continue throughout Saturday night. Horman is 3-feet-8-inches tall, weighs about 50 pounds and was wearing the a science-themed T-shirt (see photo below), orange and black cargo pants, white socks and worn black Skechers-brand tennis shoes with orange trim.

Those with any information about Kyron Horman's disappearance are asked to call a tip line at (503) 261-2847 anytime.

UPDATE: At a press conference at 8 p.m. Saturday night, Incident Commander Lieutenant Harry Smith said search and rescue teams also are on standby if they need to be deployed based upon information received by the tip line.

Meanwhile, Skyline Elementary officials are setting up appointments with parents or anyone else who was at the school Friday. Those appointments are expected to take place throughout the day Sunday at 11536 N.W. Skyline Blvd.

"We are doing everything possible," Smith said, "to bring Kyron home."
This photo, from the Facebook page of the missing boy's step mother, was taken the morning of Kyron Horman's disappearance.
This picture was taken at the science fair at Skyline Elementary Friday morning. Friends now say this snapshot
which KATU showed on its 11 p.m. news Friday was the last image of Kyron Horman before he disappeared:

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