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The Minimum Standard was just that, ... The Minimum!

It is the Dawn of a New Age

The Standards of "Due Diligence" have been taken up more than a couple of notches.

Now, "Every" Homeowner, Home Buyer, Commercial Building owner; "Anyone" that owns or will buy property should have that property Professionally scanned by a trained Infrared Thermographer.

**Our Customer might have bought "This"!

**Because visually it looked like this!

The rules have changed. Technology has over come the past limitations. A Professional Thermographer using a "Quality" infrared camera will provide the Maximum protection to their customers.

We can find:

Missing or Failed Insulation

Roof Leakage

Stucco & Siding Leakage

Water Damage & Mold

Hot Electrical circuits

Air Duct Leakage

Heating & Cooling system failure

and much more.

Expect Nothing Less!

If your service provider does not have this technology and is not professionally trained & certified, ... Find someone who is.

You are the customer.

You deserve the Best & Most information about the property you are buying and the property you already own. We can give you that information.

Don't be fooled by a "Logo". Make certain that your "Energy Star" home is, what it is supposed to be.

Contact: Geary Morris at American Infrared Consultants LLC

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