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Then we find Scorpions!!

Don's eagle eye and the Flir Infrared Thermal camera spotted the Scorpion just outside the garage.

Final Removal of the Bee Hive

More Infrared Photos from the Night of The Bees!

Don begins to wet down the exposed area of the hive and the action begins.

Bee Hive at Night as seen with Flir Infrared

The use of Flir Infrared in this application was extremely valuable. As you can see in the Thermal images of the hive, the heat from the hive extends along the full length of the soffit. Thermal imaging allowed Brett & Don to target the hive and the full extent of the affected area, thus limiting the damage to the home.

Infrared Thermography & Bees!

We went out with Brett Holland & Don the other night to Thermal Scan a home infested with Africanized (Killer) Bees. We went at night so as to reduce the danger, as it was a very large hive of extremely aggressive bees.

Brett is holding the Flir Systems, T-400 infrared camera we were using that night.
Gecko Pest Managment (520) 579-1701 is the only Pest control company to be use Infrared technology in all of Arizona. Brett is also a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer.

Jerry Lawrence is suited up and ready to go! Bring on the Bees!

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